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   I've been making wooden canoes for the past 25 years now. I've made 60 full size canoes and dozens of models. I've also restored countless old wood canvas relics, some of which where literally in pieces when they arrived and left as fine antique canoes with lots of life ahead. 
   My bark canoes are made to order. The cost is approximately $300.00 per lineal ft. They are made using the same methods the native Americans used with the exception that I offer a modern marine caulking for those who prefer not to fuss with pine pitch. If you're a purest I do have pine pitch. The wood work is Eastern White Cedar and a little bit of Ash. They are sewn with White Spruce roots. No nails or staples are used. Many of my canoes are ordered for and used as decor but  they are perfectly functional as well. Please contact me with any questions.
   I also offer a folding, portable canoe seat for passengers shown on this page. If your canoe passengers don't like sitting on the floor of your canoe this will take care of that. Its very comfortable, attractive and also doubles as a camp chair.

16.5" wide - 24.5" high 
21" runners - front of seat 6.5" high
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